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University Flute Lesson


I view my role as a university professor to be as much a guide and mentor as an instructor, giving students an active role in their learning. This ranges from giving students choice in repertoire, the power to make decisions about performances and competitions that interest them, and the freedom to participate in various chamber ensembles, as well as giving them a voice in many other aspects of their musicianship and professionalism.  One of the most valuable traits musicians and budding adults can develop is in becoming independent, creative, and critical thinkers - to really become one's own person. I ask students to take responsibility for their learning by bringing questions to each lesson and to work as their own teacher throughout their practice weeks, practicing with curiosity, diligence, an open mind, and a questioning spirit. This expectation combined with a regular routine of fundamental musical exercises, scales, etudes, and repertoire helps students develop their musicianship and musical maturity. There is an emphasis on listening to great performances with written assignments due weekly. All students work at their own individual level toward their own unique goals.



Liberal Arts Education


I strongly believe in the deeply rooted education of the whole individual, and I place great value on the incredible privilege that a residential college education experience affords. Taking the opportunity to pursue passions, devoting one's self as fully as possible to the greater good through dedication to learning and self-betterment, and living as an example of these values are the lofty pursuits I take seriously. I love helping students as they make their way on their path to the selves they are becoming. Some of my favorite teaching is not only in the one-on-one, mentor-style, individual flute lessons, but in the classroom where I teach Music and Society, offered to students in the Honors College at Murray State University, and American Musical Theatre which is offered to all of our students in the University Studies curriculum, though largely taken by students studying music and theatre. I see knowledge, wisdom, education, whatever you like to call it, as the answer to many of life's larger questions, problems, and issues, and one of my goals for my students is for them to remain curious and engaged over the course of their lives, not only in their pursuit of a degree. 

Private Flute Lessons


I give a limited number of private flute lessons outside of my university teaching through Zoom and in person. I teach all levels of students from beginner through pre-professional. Contact me for more information. 

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